Way more than a factory

TMR was founded in 1998 as a textile company specialized in the production of clothing.
The company was created by CEO & Founder, Margarida Máximo, who had a vast experience in this market due to several years as an employee in several companies who performed related activities.

In the course of 12 years and with only 6 employees, the company managed to reach a business volume of 3.5 million euros in its best year. Due to the changes of the international market that much affected the European textile market, in 2009 the company lost its best client as they decided to redirect their production to Asia. This change forced the company to redefine its strategy which eventually led the company to growth. The company was restructured and expanded the size of the facility, innovated in machinery and equipment and renewed and increased the staff.

TMR, who had been a differentiating company ever since its foundation, stayed the line but geared to a more specific market, which was a more high-end market where quality prevailed over quantity. Since the shift in strategy the company managed to enter new markets through contacts established in international fairs and has now clients in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Denmark, Spain, France and Portugal.

TMR is a company that exports 100% of its business, differentiator through the quality of the products that develops and produces, good communication and close relations with the clients which leads them to recommend TMR´s services to others.

In a fast evolving market TMR has to innovate in order to differentiate itself from its competitors and the new challenge is to certificate the quality management system of the company so it can not only keep its actual clients but get new ones as it enters other even more competitive markets. TMR, aware of the importance of implementing more sustainable practices has started the procedure in 2018 in conformity with the NP EN ISSO 9001:2008 in order to obtain the certificate.

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The management at TMR FASHION CLOTHING LDA, aware of the challenges ahead bets on the quality management system and takes on a commitment in continuous improvement of the quality of its processes, products, and services as a priority to management and fundamental cornerstone in consolidating the prestige of the company.

The focus on quality, defined at the highest level, is the support that governs the operation of the company by being the guide and fundamental link that enables the success of TMR FASHION CLOTHING LDA.

Thus, TMR´s Quality Policy consists of:

Creating a relationship with its clients that allows it to know and understand their requirements and expectations in order to guarantee their satisfaction and value creation.

Ensure compliance with legal requirement and regulations which affect our activity and apply to our products and services.

Encourage the participation, accountability, effort and competence of all employees and sensitize them to their individual and collective obligations and to the compliance of the established requirements and procedures, always in search of continuous improvement.

Permanent focus on high standards of Quality, in the variety and specifity of the products and services.

Get continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the processes in order to comply with the requirements of the quality management system.

Develop and maintain a close relation with suppliers focusing on mutual trust.



We provide you good old Portuguese product allied to a full-scale logistics services.

- Warehouse
- Shipping activities
- Full integration with our team
- Production
- Follow-up
- Storage
- Stock Management
- Capillary distribution for retailers


TMR Fashion Clothing, Lda
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